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Auto, Truck, and Farm Repair

From the simple oil change and service to advanced diagnostics, Arneson’s Service & Repair, LLC offers full service, expert care for cars and trucks using quality parts from local stores, delivered several times daily. Repair work includes the full gamut of:

We also work on big trucks, providing a wide array of repairs, including towing. Welding and fabricating are part of our service, too, including TIG and plasma applications. From dump truck boxes to barn stanchions, we can custom fabricate to fit your needs.

Farm repairs include both on-site service calls and hauling for equipment repair in the shop. In addition to repairs, we make custom hydraulic hoses and have many belts in stock. We also stock most sizes of nuts, bolts and other hardware. There’s no need to make the trip to town—Arneson’s Service & Repair, LLC carries what you need.

Don’t forget tires! We offer on-site tire service for farmers in the field, to custom installation in the shop. We stock many common tires for cars, trucks and farm needs, and can order others with next-day delivery. Brands include Cooper, Firestone and Michelin, to name a few.